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Texts That Shouldn't Be Read Out Loud is a collection of prose work concerned with both the production and the subversion of fiction. It investigates how fiction can shape the experience of affect in the contemporary subject, being at times disjointed, dystopian, and unsettling—as much as it is inviting. ‘So what are we to do with a book that, with the exception of one or two pieces, is bereft of proper names? We have to develop alternative reading strategies,’ writes Kenneth Goldsmith in his foreword, ‘this is a hookless text, resembling the namelessness and anonymously flat spaces of Beckett’s late prose as much as it does the rambling excess of the alphanumeric internet.’

> Copyright © Adrian Bridget, 2018 / Foreword © Kenneth Goldsmith, 2018 / Edited by Christophe Chauvet / Proofread by Adam Rohan / Designed by Tomas Laar

> Published in 2018 by Adrian Bridget
ISBN 978-1-9999702-0-8
Softcover, 144pp
196 x 128 mm